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Welcome to ProGene Plant Research


At ProGene Plant Research we feel our success is enhanced through a network approach. We magnify the power of our own breeding and research program with the resources of our network partners. This team effort in the dry pea, triticale, forage oat and forage pea industries enables us to be one of the foremost research and development concerns in our field in North America. It is accomplished by all members of the network actively seeking and sharing our knowledge. Our network of business partners stretches across the US and Canada and reaches into the Southern Hemisphere through Plant Research NZ, our breeding partner in dry peas.


We at ProGene feel that our purpose of doing business is to bring value through genetics to everyone that we work with including farmers, seedsmen, processors, and livestock feeders. If we can accomplish this, we have done our job and the profitability of the business will follow.

Our website is meant to bring information to our customers about our varieties, management systems and current news within each industries. This homepage will alert you to current articles, updates and new information from our research work. We hope that you use this Homepage as a tool to keep current with what is ongoing at ProGene.

Latest Updates:

For dealer information on Buckshot Blend with Whistler Winter Pea Seed, Frostmaster Nutrigreen Winter Pea Seed, and Whistler Winter Pea Seed visit our Forage & Wildlife Peas Page

New Forage Pea Article:
Forage Options for Spring Peas

New Profile:
New Trical 141 Spring Triticale Profile

Updated Profiles:
All our Triticale profiles have been updated. See the Trical Forage and TriMark Grain Triticale sections of the Profiles, Articles & Data page.

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