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TriMark Grain Triticale

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Updated Profile: TriMark 336 Winter Grain Triticale profile

ProGene and our partners conduct variety yield trials so that when we release a variety to growers we know the abilities and agronomic characteristics. Central Washington Grain Growers also does considerable testing for fertility, rotational and management options. Once plot information is available, all partners in the network help to learn how this applies and plays out on a field basis. The network simultaneously develops markets to make the demand side of the formula fit the supply.

Winter Varieties

TriMark 336 (Profile) is the original winter variety that made an impact in the production areas and is still used in many. Strong seedling vigor, a distinctive look and good feed quality characterize TriMark 336. Good for both dry land production and irrigated.

TriMark 099 has moved to the top of the list for planted acres due to consistently yielding above TriMark 336. Good for both dry land production and irrigated.

TriMark 095 was introduced because of its snow mold resistance. In the absence of snow mold other varieties are slightly higher yielding than 095 but when this resistance is needed the net result of TriMark 095 is superior. Best used in dry land areas with snow mold issues.

Spring Varieties

TriMark 054 was selected for the dry and intermediate rainfall zones of Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon. Stronger emergence, a deeper root system, its taller stature and greater crop residue are the key attributes making it suited for these rainfall zones.

TriMark 118 has shorter stature and stronger lodging resistance making it better suited for the Wet Zone of the dry land and irrigated production.


TriMark Triticale:

Central WA Grain Growers
Wilbur, Washington

Primeland - Rockford
Rockford, Washington

Corvallis Feed & Seed
Albany, Oregron

Connell Grain Growers
Connell, Washington

Reardan Seed
Reardan, Washington

Round Butte Seed Company
Culver, Oregon

Spectrum Crop Development
Ritzville, Washington

Union Elevator
Lind, Washington

St. John, Washington

Wolfkill Feed & Fertilizer
Monroe, Washington